How To Clean An Automatic Pool Cover

Are you the owner of a brand new fancy automatic pool cover? Perhaps you are now wondering how to clean the pool cover?

In your yard, having a swimming pool can be relaxing, entertaining and down right enjoyable. However, owning a pool can also be a lot of work.

Maintaining and cleaning a swimming pool, especially by hand takes a lot of time. I do save time by using a robotic pool cleaner to clean the pool, but maintaining the area around the pool and the pool itself still takes a lot of time and effort.

Why not invest in a pool cover or an automatic pool cover to help keep your pool clean so that you don’t have to work quite as hard. Here is the information we will cover in this article about automatic pool covers.

  • Why invest in an automatic pool cover
  • Why you should maintain and clean your cover
  • How to clean your automatic pool cleaner.

First, Why Invest In An Automatic Pool Cover?

Why Invest In An Automatic Pool Cover?

There are many reasons as to why you should invest in your very own automatic pool cover.

  • First off, it is the perfect addition to any pool to make it safer. Whether you have children or pets, having an uncovered pool is a safety hazard. Especially when left uncovered and/or unsupervised.
  • Purchasing a pool cover can also increase the long-term life-span of your pool itself. Covers are able to provide additional protection to your pool and the water within it.
  • And let’s not forget about the expense of running a pool at home. By covering your pool with an automatic pool cover, you will be minimizing your water and heating bill as your pool water will remain cleaner for longer, and any heat you put into your pool will rebound down from your pool cover.

Benefits To Following A Strict Cleaning And Maintenance Routine

Benefits To Following A Strict Cleaning And Maintenance Routine

Now that you know the benefits of owning your very own automatic pool cover, you are probably wondering why it is so important to keep it clean?

Surely, a pool cover will always be clean, right? Here are a few key benefits to cleaning and maintaining your pool cover. These are:

  • You will be improving the life-span of your pool cover. Automatic pool covers can last for up to 7 years if treated correctly
  • It will save you money in the long-run. Pool covers, especially automatic ones, can be expensive. If you take care of the one you purchase, then you will get a better return on investment.
  • Fundamentally, your pool will just look better. Pool covers improve the status of your pool as well as the overall appearance of it.
  • If you protect your pool cover, it in turn will protect just about everything else.

How To Clean And Maintain An Automatic Pool Cover

How To Clean And Maintain An Automatic Pool Cover

In order to keep your automatic pool cover in top working condition, and to get the most out of your purchase, you need to clean it. All you need to do is follow the below steps when maintaining your automatic pool cover.

1) Remove Any Standing Water From Your Pool Cover

Allowing standing water to collate on top of your pool cover can cause strain and long-term damage to the cover. And, in some instances, render it useless.

We advise purchasing a lightweight cover pump, which will remove any water for you.

2) Clear Off Any Debris From Your Pool Cover

Similar to standing water, allowing debris such as twigs and leaves to stay on your pool cover can damage its integrity.

Of course, some debris landing on your cover is understandable as pools tend to be located outside, and pool covers are designed with this in mind.

If you notice a buildup of debris on your pool cover, get an outdoor brush and push the items off gently.

3) Remember To Clean Your Pool Tracks

During pool season, you must remember to clean your pool tracks every few weeks. In order to clean them, all you have to do is spray them with your garden hose.

If you neglect cleaning your pool tracks, it will affect the components that hold your pool cover together.

4) Removing Your Pool Cover

While the primary purpose of having a pool cover in the first place is to protect the pool and water within it. There are certain instances where you will need to remove the cover in order to protect the cover itself. These are:

  • When you are adding chemicals to the water. Do not re-cover while you are monitoring your water chemicals, as covering your pool will not allow the gasses from the chemicals to escape. Which will both negatively affect your water chemistry and also damage your pool cover.
  • Even when you are not adding chemicals to your pool water, make sure to remove the pool cover once a week to release any pent up gasses.

5) Monitor The Pool Cover Itself

Monitor The Pool Cover Itself

All pool covers, no matter how much you spend on them, all have a shelf life. You can be the most tentative pool owner in the world, but pool covers still get damaged and need replacing. It is just the way things go.

However, by keeping an eye on the condition of your pool cover, you will be able to rectify any minor damages before they get worse.

You may be able to either mend any damage to improve the shelf life of your pool cover, or you will be able to see any fatal damages early on, and save your entire pool from suffering a worse fate.

When monitoring your pool cover, complete the following checks:

  • Test the fabric: By pulling the fabric of your pool cover and applying pressure, you will be able to see how your pool cover is holding up. Is it stiff, pliable, etc?
  • Keep an eye out for general wear and tear: Pools, especially outdoor ones, suffer from having a large variety of hazards that put them at risk.
    • From bad pool chemicals, ultraviolet light, and damage sustained by rough weather conditions, your pool and pool cover will see it all.
    • By keeping a look-out for wear marks and even tears, you will be able to save your pool cover by just making some subtle or minor repairs.
  • Monitor your webbing: Whether it is the webbing itself, or the threading keeping it together, a failure here can be detrimental to your pool cover.

6) Be Sure To Safely Open And Close Your Pool Cover

This is quite a simple tip, but we have all known someone who may get a little too overexcited when playing in the pool and they do something silly.

  • Jumping into the pool while it is either being opened or closed may seem like a fun dare. But it can also cause immense problems for your pool cover.
  • Perhaps opt to open and close your pool cover when no one else is around.

7) How To Clean Your Pool Cover

How To Clean Your Pool Cover

The general day-to-day maintenance of your pool cover that we have just described will help you a lot with extending the life-span of your pool cover.

But there are further cleaning steps that you can take to keep it in top condition.

Please follow the next steps when cleaning your pool cover:

  • Hand-wash your pool cover either every quarter or halfway through the year. Never use laundry detergent when you are doing this.
  • Next clean your cover track rope, guides and slider channel. You can easily do this with your garden hose.
  • Ensure there is no water in your housing drains. This can cause severe damage to the electrical components of your automatic pool cover.
  • With a garden hose again, spray your rotating pool surfaces and ensure that your pool cover movement mechanisms are working correctly. Again, you should be doing this every three months.
  • Since you are already removing and cleaning your pool cover, this is also the perfect time to check and make alterations to your pool’s water chemistry as you should never have your pool cover on while doing this.

8) Get A Professional Involved

Get A Professional Involved

While many elements of the maintenance and cleaning of your pool cover are quite simple. Specific tasks like the electrical and motor side of things can be quite daunting.

Worry not. There are plenty of qualified professionals out there that can come and help you service your pool.

  • Pool maintenance professionals tend to inspect the individual key components of your pool cover to see if there are any elements that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • If a part of your pool cover fails its inspection, paying for a part can be cheaper than having to buy a whole new pool cover.
  • Pool maintenance professionals tend to not be too expensive, especially considering it is recommended that you only seek a full professional service once a year. Sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry.

Final Remarks

Final Remarks

So, do you now know how to clean and maintain an automatic pool cover?

While it may seem like a lot of work to go through. We believe that the time that you need to invest in the upkeep of your pool cover is worth it.

  • Not only will it save you money in the long run, but your pool itself will be a healthier and safer place to swim if you have your own automatic pool cover.
  • Fundamentally, you only need to do the hard labor elements of the cleaning once every three months.
  • Aside from that, as long as you keep an eye out for any debris or objects that may be damaging or at risk of damaging your pool cover, you should be able to retain the same automatic pool cover for approximately seven years.

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