Dolphin Triton PS Plus Review

Thank you for visiting my Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review. Dolphin pool cleaners are always popular and any model that claims to be a little smarter or high-end will always draw in hopeful pool owners.

Why Listen To Me?

My name is Wendy Owens and I have been around privately owned pools all of my life. My parents owned a in-ground pool, and my husband and I have owned both, above ground and in-ground pools.

Over the almost thirty years that my husband and I have been married, we have switched from using pool cleaning services to us doing it ourselves. We found that we like doing it as long as we have time.

We have been using robotic pool cleaners since they first come out, trying to save some time in our pool cleaning chores. They are a little expensive, but they have been getting cheaper and better as time goes, just like computers.

We have rated this robot as one of our 5 best robotic pool cleaners. This Robot cleaner sounds like a great choice on paper because of the smart features and promise of a great clean across all pools.

But, can it live up to expectations? Keep reading to find out!

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Quick Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Let’s cover an important point a moment before we get deeper into the specification and potential pros and cons of this machine.

There are flaws here as you might not get everything you expect at this price point.

However, there is enough here to allow for a good clean with a pretty user-friendly product. At its core, this is a powerful robot that is suitable for in-ground pools up to 50ft and is designed for all-over cleaning.

Results do vary, but you can leave it to manage by itself if you have a strong wi-fi connection and a pre-programmed schedule.

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What Is The Triton Known For:

  • Performance
  • Scheduling
  • Easy Handling

Smart Scheduling:

The main selling point here is arguably the use of smart scheduling via the MyDolphin app. The concept here is great, even if there are mixed reviews.

The system lets you set up a schedule for the week so that the robot cleans the pool regularly enough without you forgetting.

This could make a big difference in the water quality and the ease of cleaning for the robot. The cycle is 2 hours long for a good clean across the surfaces.

There is the option for a more rapid option that is just an hour. This could be a big help if you suddenly have guests come over unexpectedly to use the pool – something far too many of us are familiar with.

Effective Cleaning:

Effective cleaning

Whether you go for the quick 1-hour clean or the standard 2-hour one, you want to be sure that the pool is actually clean at the end.

This little robot does quite well with its effective scrubbing brushes and the 4000gph suction rate. What makes this more appealing than some other pool cleaners is that it does more than just the floor.

The design allows it to scale the walls for a good clean right up to the waterline. Therefore, there should be even less grime and a more uniform look to the pool when it is done.

If you want to, you can also use the remote control via your phone if you think the robot missed a spot.

Easy Handling:

For the most part, this is a product that you can leave to its own devices. You can set it off in the pool and return to something much cleaner than when you left.

There is the promise that this is a plug-and-play machine, where all you need to do is set up the timer, press the power button, and put the bot in the pool.

It sounds simple and the general user experience is that it lives up to these promises. Those that do get stuck can always turn to the manual and quick start guide.

This is all great for that essential hands-free operation. However, there are times when you will need to get hands-on with the robot to retrieve it and clean it out.

Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to do either because there is a nice carry handle at the top and the filter basket is top-loading.

You can pop the basket out via the latch, empty all the mess, rinse it out, and set the machine up for next time.

A bonus here is that the device is only 17.4lbs in weight – light enough to carry around but solid enough to handle being underwater.

Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Features

The Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Features.
  1. A reliable weekly schedule for remote cleaning.
  2. A long textured PVC scrubber on the front.
  3. Long tank-like wheels with a good tread for gripping the side of the pool.
  4. A 60ft cable to handle a 50ft pool, with a bonus anti-tangling swivel.
  5. A top-loading filter basket for increased ease of use.
  6. The option to try different packages, such as with a caddy or with ultra-fine filters.
  7. A 2-year warranty.

There is a lot here that should help most pool owners. The effective cleaning system mentioned above has a lot to do with the quality of the scrubbing brush and the maneuverability of the machine.

The performance on the walls may not be effortless with a squeaky-clean finish, but it should still manage to get up there. This is where models with the treads are better than basic plastic wheels.

Furthermore, the long cable with the swivel system gives the robot a little more freedom of movement.

The chance to opt in for different packages is worth keeping in mind here because of some of the concerns about value for money.

If you are going to spend over $1200 on a pool cleaner, maybe it is more cost-effective to go for the one with the caddy?

Either way, the 2-year warranty adds some peace of mind in case the robot breaks down.

What Is Missing From This Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

There is a lot to like about this machine when you add up all of those features for a good clean and the little finer details.

However, it is also important to note that this may not be as smart as you expect it to be.

The app has its issues, as you will see below, and there are features that simply aren’t there.

For example, there is no indicator to tell you when the bag needs to be emptied.

There is also nothing especially advanced or interesting in the cleaning cycles and no delay mode for the timer.

It shouldn’t be hard to live without these features, but it would have been nice if they were included.

Pros & Cons Of The Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robot

Pros & Cons


  • The cleaning performance is pretty good even if it isn’t flawless. There is the suggestion that there is realistically 95% coverage when you add up the floor, walls, and steps. It isn’t perfect, but it is fine for a lot of users that just want a bot to handle the worst of the mess.
    • Sometimes it doesn’t do the best on steps, and this may come down to their depth, shape, or texture.
    • It does seem to to do very good no matter what shape of pool you have. So, if you have a cool kidney-bean-shaped pool or something unique, it may be up to the challenge.
  • Very user-friendly features. It is easy to clean out the robot and to retrieve it from the pool.
  • The design and color make it easy to see in the pool. The black and yellow color scheme of this device makes it a lot more visible in a pool than the traditional blue and white models.


  • There are issues with the app and connectivity generally. With the app, many features are clunky or absent. The timer isn’t that well designed, there are no alerts for the end of the cycle, and the connectivity isn’t great. Some simply give up on using it.
  • There are concerns about the quality of some of the parts. There seems to be a common problem with a flimsy catch on the filter basket. This seems like something the manufacturers could easily fix.
  • Some feel it is a little overpriced. There are some users that feel a little let down here, with some going as far as to say that this is overpriced. The missing features mentioned above do play into that.

Final Verdict Of Dolphin Triton PS Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review (4.3/5)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A final recommendation here depends on just how much you are relying on the app for a spotless clean and complex scheduling. This robot is smart enough without those missing features for a great clean but the app could be a lot better.

It is still a user-friendly product when it works as intended and has enough benefits to make it a good choice.

Perhaps wait until it is on offer though for a better deal considering that slightly eye-watering price tag.

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